Address: Honolulu, HI

Home Town: Waiehu

Home break: Churches

Favorite Break: Ledges

DK vs Prone %: DK 1% Prone 99%

Who are you? Cordon Stapp. I am 17 years old. When I’m not bodyboarding, working or in school, you may find me chilling with my friends or flying a kite across the ocean!

What are you? I am a Triad agent!

Why are you you? I am me because of God, my family, the people around me and Hawaii.

Accomplishments in bodyboarding: No big wins yet but i recently got 2nd place in the junior pro at Sandys. Surfed big pipeline.

Accomplishments in life: Recently learned  how to kiteboard! Stoked on that!!

Inspiring words? Buy a triad bodyboard! You won’t be disappointed!!!