Address: I moving so I dono

Home Town: Poipu

DOB: 01-29-75

Favorite Break: Kaisers and anywhere home but PKs and Kalapaki

DK vs Prone: Prone 99.9999%, DK 0.0001% only at Rock Garden and only if Tony and Paul out!
Who are you: Koa

What are you: Hawaiian

Why are you you: Because I was picked on and an introvert

Accomplishments in bodyboarding: Being 41 and still surfing and still and get to connect with the ocean. When I paddle out the waves get better lol…no for real lol!

Accomplishments in life: I have none, but I hear a lot when I go surfing and people don’t believe someone at my size(350lbs) I do things surfing that other people can’t at a normal unimpressive average weight!

Inspiring words: "Quod ab initio non valet, in tractu temporis non convalescit".
What is not valid in the beginning does not become valid by time.