Name: Marcus Rodrigues

Address: Punaauia, Tahiti French Polynesia

DOB: 03/01/1982

Place of birth: Hawai’i

Homebreak: Oluwalu, Maui, H.I. at the moment Taapuna, Tahiti F.P.

Favorite wave: All Waves, but probably Ta’apuna

Prone vs DK % Prone 10%, DK 90%

Who are you? I’m Marcus Rodrigues from the island of Maui. I started bodyboarding at the age of 11 or 12 and that was the end of it. I was raised around the beach in the Hawaiian Island style and loved being by the ocean . As I started to compete around 15 years old, I got into video cameras and photography for fun. Then the series of No Friends bodyboarding videos came out and I pretty much haven’t stopped bodyboarding or doing videography and digital editing since then.

What are you? “Kanaka kai” A waterman, A Bodyboarder, A Husband, A Father, A Videographer, A person who loves all of his family, and an island boy, that’s who I am .
Why are you? Because of the islands and what they have to offer. Because of my older Brother, Father and the support of my “ohana” (family). Maui (the island) also made me and molded me to be the rider I am today. Tahiti pounded me and scared me the most, which delivered an outcome of successful rides of euphoria and matured my riding and direction in bodyboarding. Because of my wife Vaea, she pushes, motivates, and inspires me the most.

Accomplishments in bodyboarding: Winning a contest. Making my first bodyboarding video. Knee surgery and then being able to learn how to drop knee again was a big accomplishment for me. Becoming a Pro bodyboarder, competing as a pro at Pipeline, North Shore Hawai’i, and traveling to Tahiti.